1. This is what happens when you pay someone to do shotty work with tax payers money so you can pocket the difference. Just like many other things in this town. (Everyone knows who was involved)

  2. I can see now since the lights are back on. Was it really that hard to do your job? Really should have never came to any kind of news article and complaints. If something’s broke and can be fixed then just fix it. Instead of trying to beauiltify what doesn’t need beautification, fix what’s wrong or broke and the beautification is automatic. Now how about fixing those cheap worn out plastic chains around our fountain? Matter of fact don’t fix them. How about replace them with real steel chains and stop going all cheap and shotty with crappy material. THANKS!
    Major props to the kind citizen who tried to fix the chain the best they could with what they had. Unless it was the town that used coat hanger wires. Get off you A&!, take the tax payers money back out your pockets, and fix it properly. THANKS AGAIN!

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